Why do hot dogs and buns come in different counts?

Typically you can get an eight pack of hot dog buns at the grocery store and a 10 pack of hot dogs. That doesn’t quite add up. 

The National Hot Dot and Sausage Council says it wasn’t until 1940 that hot dogs started getting packaged together like we know today. 

Manufacturers opted for ten to a pack. 

But buns have a different story. 

They were baked in clusters of four, in pans that would hold eight rolls. 

And thus: eight buns to ten hot dogs.  

Today, baking pans can do buns in quantities of 10 or 12. 

And some hot dog makers package franks in quantities including eight or 12 to a pack. 

But ten dogs and eight buns is still pretty common.  

That means to get a matching number you would need to buy five packs of buns with eight each, and four packs of hot dogs with ten each.