Death penalty sought following manhunt for killings of 2 kids, 1 teen

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania plan to seek the death penalty for 27-year-old Ivan Claudio Rosero for his alleged role in a shooting that left two children and a 19-year-old dead. 

Rosero was arrested on Tuesday after a weeklong manhunt. 

“There are two children dead as the result of this incident. They were outside playing with their kittens. They had nothing to do with this,” said Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graf.

The district attorney’s office said Rosero confessed to the killings after his arrest.  

Rosero, along with Alex Torres Santos and a 16-year-old, were allegedly involved in the May 30 triple homicide. 

Authorities said the three suspects were targeting Joshua Lugo-Perez, the 19-year-old who was killed, due to a “past argument.” It’s unclear what that argument was about. 

Investigators reported that nearly 30 rounds were fired at the residence where the shooting took place. 

Torres Santos was reportedly out on bail and wearing an ankle monitor when the crime occurred. 

The district attorney is pursuing the death penalty against Torres Santos and Rosero. The 16-year-old cannot face the death penalty due to his age.  

Authorities said Lugo-Perez lived at the same home as the children, but he was not related to them.